Zwift rewards you this winter season with new features that make indoor training better than ever. An all-new level structure, streaks that encourage consistent riding, and seriously fun gamified racing—you’re not going to want to miss it!

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Queue Up Your Rides and Routes

Planning your weekly rides has never been easier with workout and route queuing in the Zwift Companion App. Open up the app, schedule the routes and badges you want to tackle, and when you open Zwift, they’ll be queued up on your home screen.

Queue Up Your Rides and Routes

Level Up with
Ride Streaks

We’re also introducing Ride Streaks—a new feature that rewards you for consistency. Ride two or more times per week and get an extra bump in Experience Points (XP). Commit to your fitness and level up faster than ever.

Level Up with 
Ride Streaks

Faster Progress,
More Fun

We’ve completely redesigned our cycling levels, so that you can ride all the way to level 100, moving up the ranks faster than before. Plus, you’ll have more chances to earn bikes and swag along the way.


Learn, Ride, Earn

New to Zwift or looking to explore more of what Zwift has to offer? Our Onboarding Tutorial make it easy to discover new features and even reward you for trying them out. Learn how to join events and workouts, swap to a new kit, or join a pace partner.


New Avatar, New You

Your avatar is getting a crisp new look in our latest update!


Choose your Avatar

Choose whatever avatar you like! You will now be able to choose from all avatar customization options regardless of the gender you selected, but please note that you will continue riding and racing as the gender selected in your profile.


Join thousands of Zwifters from all over the world for our biggest party of the year—Tour de Zwift! Whether you ride, race, or run, we’ve got eight dreamy stages of fun ready to roll.



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    Ready for a holiday challenge? Sign up for the Rapha Festive 500: ride 500 km from December 24 to December 31, and start the new year with new fitness.

  • TSOZ-Winter_10-2023-WEB-Letape


    Experience the epic L’Etape du Tour de France on Zwift! Monthly fondos, training programs, and famous climbs await. Are you ready for the challenge?

  • TSOZ-Winter_10-2023-WEB-Zwift-Games-logo


    We’re transforming cycling esports with Zwift Games—the largest event of its kind, designed to give any cyclist the chance to enjoy fun and challenging racing.

  • TSOZ-Winter_10-2023-WEB-FONDO


    The Zwift Fondo series brings together thousands of Zwifters for an epic ride that will boost your fitness and push your limits.

Climb to New Heights

Climb Portal's latest features take the fun to new levels! Select your scale (50, 75, 100, or the quad-burning 125%), track your percentile on the leaderboard, and then race against fellow Zwifters or yourself with a HoloReplay.

Climb to New Heights


Streaks is our brand new way of rewarding you for staying consistent. Stack your week with two or more rides to rack up extra Experience Points (XP). You’ll be rewarded 300XP for the first two rides of the first week, but keep it up to earn 400 the next week, and 500 the week after!

We are making the experience points (XP) needed for each level more predictable and visible by lowering and standardizing the required amount of XP to earn each level, so you can achieve new levels faster and more often.

We are also Increasing the total number of levels from 60 to 100, so you can achieve more levels!

The all-new Zwift Games will be the largest event of its kind, designed to give any cyclist a chance to enjoy the fun and challenge of racing.

The Zwift Companion App update will allow you to plan your weekly rides with workout and route queueing. You can schedule your workouts for the day or week, and when you open Zwift, they’ll be queued up on your home screen.

Climb Portal Leaderboards will show how you stack up on each version of the climb portal: 50%, 75%, 100%, or 125%. You’ll see what percentile you’re in, motivating you to climb faster!