Why Punjabi goes to canada?

Today we are discussing why Punjabi wants to go to Canada..?

Here is reason why punjabi goes to canada?

Canada is sometimes Called mini Punjab because many Punjabi are living in Canada. Many Punjabi are well settled in Canada with their families, they were living the good life.

The first reason why Punjabi goes to Canada is mostly because of Unemployment in Punjabi, there is no feature for students. The students who study hard in Punjab when do not get a job and move to Canada.

Ways To go Canada

there are many ways to Canada, first is for higher study (student visa), Work Permit, Tourist Visa, Business Class Immigration, Federal Skilled Worker Visa, and Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents.

1. Student Visa

For Further study many students are going abroad, The benefit of studying in Canada is you get your family and spouse with you, and while doing the study you should work. Student visa holder gets a work permit and permanent residence. A student visa is most popular in Punjabis.

2. Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa Holder travels around in Canada for six months or longer terms. whiles this visa you can’t do work or study.

3. Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

  If you are a Permanent resident in Canada you should sponsor your family or grandparents under Canada’s Family sponsorship program, it’s valid for 10 years.

4. Federal Skilled Worker Visa

5. Business Class Immigration

They are valid for investing in Canada for business.

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