Radha Soami Satsang Beas History

Radha Soami Name is given by god, Radha Soami is Basically religious of syampardaya of satang which was started by Shiv Dayal in 1861 on basant panchvi.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas History

This is the way to get the god. Shiv Dayal’s Parents were Followers of Sikh Guru “Guru Nanak dev ji” and spiritual Guru Tulsi dass form Hathras (u.p). Radha soami movement was started in agra and the main office is situated in beas .

which has the largest number of followers. The radha soami group has 30 million branches in all over world.


According to the devotees of dera beas. The beas dera established by the baba jaimal singh between the year of 1893-1903.

He was an retired army british officer, he set up the dera jaimal singh, that situated near the mud hut river, the distance of this river is 45km from amritsar, in1891 .

List Of Radha Soami Guru’s
1. Shiv Dayal Singh – Master, till 1878
2. Jaimal Singh – Master, 1884-1903
3. Sawan Singh – Master, 1903-1948
4. Jagat Singh – Master, 1948-1951
5. Charan Singh (Guru) – Master, 1951-1990
6. Gurinder Singh – Master, 1990 – Present.

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