The Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

Main Gurudwaras in District Hoshiarpur are very famous for their history.

Here is some Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city


This Gurdwara is located near the Hoshiarpur in village bajnour. The history of this gurdwara is related to satguru SRI HARRAI SAHIB JI.

He came from kirtpur sahib with his 2200 men army with horses in the year 1651. GURU SAHIB stayed here for 3 days with their army.  and Sri guru harrai is the seventh guru of our Sikh Panth.

As well as the palm tree with GURU JI tied his at the time of landing here, the vine is still standing green. GURU SAHIB revealed the holy spring of water by shooting an arrow into the ground with his holy lotus towards the east of GURUDWARA Sahib.

GURU JI blessed that every creature who bathes in this Sarovar with devotion , all his diseases will be removed.

Adress:- FX47+2MC, PUNJAB 146104 (NEAR HOSHIARPUR)


TAHLI SAHIB Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

The gurdwara talhi sahib is situated in the village munak kalan district Hoshiarpur. this gurdwara is made in the memory of baba shri chand, he is the elder son of guru nanak dev ji.

baba sri chand ji stayed here for 40 days and meditaded here. in every year the birthday of sri baba chand is celebrated by the local people. there is one sarvour that is established by the baba sri chand ji.


GARNA SAHIB Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

  This gurdwara is situated on the tanda dasuya road in village bodal bersha. the sixth guru of sikh panth known as guru hargobind sahib visited this place .

he used to take rest under the garna tree which gives the name to place . many of the tourist came here with their families to see the history of sikh panth.

Bodal village was Muslim village and the gurdwara sri garna sahib was first established in 1816 during the time of sardar jodh singh .he is leader of ramgharia sikh misle . moreover, the religious fair is held on the location of vaisakhi in mid April in  every year.


Associated with – Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji


RAMPUR KHERA SAHIB Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

The rampur khera sahib is located near the bahla road . the white elegant building, called rampur khera sahib .sant baba harnam singh ji was born in 1897 in July his father’s name was S.Achhar Singh Ji and his mother name was Bibi Narian Kaur Ji baba Ji had four brother and two sisters.

Sant baba Harnam singh ji undertook years of deep meditation, now known as gurdwara Ramour khera sahib.



This is old and famous place in Hoshiarpur city. it is located on railway road, Jagat Pura ,Hoshiarpur,Punjab.


PUL PUKHTA SAHIB Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

Gurudwara pul pukhta sahib, also called tahli sahib is a beautiful Sikh shrine situated on tanda – Sri hargobindpur road . after the battle of hargobindpur , guru sahib moved toward kirtpur and rested at this place .

A historical wood log of the tree talhi is preserved with which guru sahib tied his horse. it is situated inside Sarovar sahib. this location is very beautiful with the surrounding green fields.


These are the some Historical Gurdwara in Hoshiarpur city

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