Best Modified Thar & jeep

Mohindra Thar is on high demand because of its powerful engine and all-wheel drive (4×4). Most of the people buy this monster for off-roading in the jungle, desert, on mountains.

Mohindra company challenge to other vehicles with their Thar for rough roads. Black color is in high demand because in many songs and movies producers & directors use Mahindra Thar to enhance their videos.

its come with a sunroof & moon-roof with new features, leather seat covers, digital meter, manual gears, high-performance music system.

Most of the Punjabis modified their Thar with Alloy wheel, off-roading tyers, high-beam lights, music systems.

Price of  Thar in India approximately 14 to 15 lakhs. Its come with different varients Petrol & Diesel from base model to top model.

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