Best attraction Tourist Place in Nakodar

Nakodar is Land of saints and Fakirs, Nakodar means no other door like this. This door is open for everyone who can came here, no one returns with empty hand who come here with deep heart.

This place that must be visited once in life, its truly haven in earth. when ever you Goes to Nakodar city you Must visit here.


Here is some best attraction Tourist Place in Nakodar

1. Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji Nakodar Tourist Place in Nakodar

Dera Baba Murad Shah ji located in Nakodar, Distt Jalandhar, Punjab. This is sufiana Darbar where people come from different castes and region .

Best attraction Tourist Place in Nakodar


2. Bapu Lal Badshah nakodar famous places

Bapu Almast Lal badshah darbar is located in Nakodar. This Darbar is a symbol of love and peace where people from all different castes and religions come and pay their respects at this Darbar. Bapu Lal Badshah Nokdar Tourist Place in Nakodar


3. Sai Vicky Shah ji Darbar Tourist Place in Nakodar

This darbar is located in Nakodar, where the place of baba murad shah ji, many kabbadi players comes here and pray.

Best attraction Tourist Place in Nakodar

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